1) Why do we use fit a trend-line to our data plots?

2) what is the most important relationship between parameters?

3) what is the difference between the Face Area vs Edge trend-line and the Volume vs Edge one?

4) what does the LaTeX: R^2





value tells us?

5) why do we use “Power Fit” for the Area vs Edge data and “Linear Fit” for the Hooke’s Law experiment data?

6) Using the property of slop, how can we characterize the equilibrium state of a spring?

7) What information do we get from the y-intercept?

8) During the Hooke’s Law experimenter, if gravity was all the sudden turned off, what two things would change?

9) why does the net force has to be zero for the Spring-Mass system to be at equilibrium? (Use the formula for Hooke’s law and Newton’s second Law)

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