Note: Answer all the following questions a way in which you are both the organization and the manager of the organization.FILLER TEXT

Goal. What is your goal? How long has this been your goal? Is your goal likely to change? Why or why not? How and to what extent does your goal illustrate who you are as a person?

Mission. What is your mission? How and to what extent does your mission define you and distinguish you?

Overview. What is your overall plan for goal achievement? What resources are necessary to accomplish your plan? How available are those resources? What is necessary to acquire those resources?

Plans. What is your strategic plan? What is your tactical plan? What is your operational plan?

  1. Environmental Implications. How and to what extent are your goals and plans likely to sustain a turbulent environment? What are the implications of that?

Decision-Making Approach. How would you define your approach to decision-making; i.e., the ability to identify problems and opportunities and then resolve them?

  1. Programmed or Non-programmed? Are most of your decision programmed or non-programmed? What are the implications of that?

Decision- Making Model. What is your preferred model for decision-making? What are the strengths and weaknesses of that model? What must you do to take advantage of the strengths? What must you do to overcome or cope with the weaknesses?

  1. Guarding Against Bad Decision-Making. What is the potential for bad decision-making? What is likely to contribute to bad decision-making? What must you do to guard against making bad decisions?

Summary and Synthesis. What is the primary take-away from your assessment of the fundamentals of planning? What is your synthesis of this component?

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