Please respond to both student discussion responses marked as FILLER TEXT below in at least 150 words each and 1 APA citation each. FILLER TEXT



Chapter 1, Section  1.1, 1.14; Chapter 11 in FILLER TEXT(PMBOK® Guide)


Chapters 3 & 7 in FILLER TEXT(1), 58-65.

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Discussion Board – Module 1

October 8, 2019

  • Methods of Creating a WBS
  • There are two methods of creating a work breakdown structure (WBS).   These methods are the top-down approach and the bottom-up approach.   According to (2018), the top-down approach of  creating a WBS begins with the overall project and then breaks it down  into lower-level tasks.  In contrast, the bottom-up approach starts at  the bottom with a list of low-level tasks and works its way up  (, 2018). 

Top-Down Approach

  • I would be more comfortable using the top-down approach.  The  top-down approach makes more sense to me than the bottom-up approach.   The process of starting with the overall project and then breaking it  down into smaller components is the more logical way of creating a WBS.   I believe this is why the top-down approach method is more popular than  the bottom-up approach (, 2018). 

Project Situation 

  • In the majority of project situations, most project managers use the  top-down approach to create work breakdown structures.  For example, a  PM that is dealing with upgrading the company-wide computer system will  most likely use the top-down approach.  The scope, requirements, and  costs associated with this type of project require that the major  project details be quickly and correctly identified.  After this  essential step, the project team can figure out the details. 

References  (2018, October 16).  Work Breakdown  Structure (WBS): Top-down or Bottom-up?  Retrieved from




Select the method of creating a WBS you are most comfortable with and explain why:

There are different methods and techniques a project manager could  use to construct an accurate and reliable WBS. For me, I would be most  comfortable with a top-down method when developing a WBS. Many projects  start at the top of an organization when leadership desires some sort of  change or improvement and typically certain requirements come along  with that desire. Frederick W. Black (2002) states, “…it is project  management’s responsibility to interpret and translate the enterprise  requirements, and communicate them in the form of project specific  requirements down to the project team when a project is initiated”  (para. 2). For me the requirements would be a starting point of the  development of a WBS. As more knowledge is gained about the requirements  and what entails achieving them, it seems to be a common sense process  to work in downward manner. 

Describe a project situation where this method is appropriate:

As part of an ongoing effort to identifying areas in need of  improvements, the organization I work for has identified our department  (among others) as needing a new workflow process that involves revamping  our processing systems and programs. Using a top down approach for  creating a WBS for sections of this project would be appropriate. The  development team met with our department to identify the “what” of the  of the systems/programs that need considered in order for them to  achieve a deliverable and for our department to be able to continue our  work. Using this type of approach may not always be beneficial, though.  Another, smaller, project that was developed in our department involved  creating a small program that automated part of the claims process.  Using a bottom up method may be more beneficial in this case as the  “what” of the project needed to be identified first in order to work  toward achieving a deliverable.

Black, F. W. (2002, October 3). Top down-bottom up project  management. Retrieved from…

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