5 parameter: A string of numbers separated by spaces return value : the first four digits number in the string; false if none. 6 parameter a string containing words that are delimited on the left with spaces and on eat right with spaces and on the right with spaces, commas, periods, or question marks. return value: the three most common words in the string that have more than three letters. 7 Modify the sample script in section 9.9, word_table.PHP, to place the output table in an html table. 8 write an html document that includes an anchor tag that calls a php document. also, write the called php script document, which returns a randomly chosen greeting from a list of five different greetings. the greetings must be stored as constant strings in the script. a random number between 0 and 4 can be computed with these lines # Set the seed for strand with the number of microseconds #   since the last full second of the clock mt_strand ((double) microtime() * 1000000); $number = strand (0, 4); # Computes a random integer 0-4

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