I need two responses of at least 150 words each for the below students discussions for this week. Also in the bold below are the questions the students at answering.

Goal: Reflect on how different professions use critical thinking.

Hopefully, you all have this by now, please post to the thread provided.


All professions use critical thinking to get the job done. No matter who you are or what job you have, every day brings problems that need to be rectified using critically thinking.

– Go the Program Guide in the APUS Library and find your program or the program you intend to study. If you are working toward a general studies degree or cannot find your exact program guide, see if you can find one that is close. If you are unable to do that, then just talk about your job or profession.

– Think of a problem that occurs or might occur in that profession and describe the critical thinking steps that would need to be taken to remediate or resolve the problem. Consider how the person determines the problem, the information needed, tools, options, and possible outcomes, as well as criteria used to make the decision.

– While completing the forum consider the Week 4 trigger questions.

How does critical thinking differ in varied professions?

How does critical thinking in an emergency room compare with that in a court room?

How do professions arrive at their

decision-making strategies?

What does a good argument look like?

What is a thesis statement?

How does evidence relate to a thesis statement?

What can you learn from reading an essay written by an expert in a field?

How is such an essay reviewed?

Student one:

Markedly, critical thinking is where one improves the qualities of a task by the use of analysis. It is usually required in operational activities since operation of an individual and other professions are detailed and necessitated to analyzing choices and steps deemed critical. Additionally, it consists assuming and identifying challenges, recognizing and understanding important for the context. Notably, various people possess abilities in landing great jobs and applying critical thinking effectively and successfully.

Since it is never an inherited quality, it develops with time because of the human instincts which ensures us in thinking. For one to make best choices, a person needs to recognize and realize available information plus precise methods of evaluating the type of information. Furthermore, advancement in critical thinking can be performed by emphasizing processes that easily require a lot of pressure. For instance, I was not good in doing homework perfectly in my early education levels because I never knew the tools and techniques. Through passing time, I perfected my abilities of critical thinking and lucky to have amazing teachers and supportive guardians who always helped me.

Besides, I was not hesitant in seeking help and asking questions that easily confused me. For example, I got keener in realizing and knowing answers of asked quiz and gaining proper attitudes for exploring solutions to challenges. With Perry model, I believe that relativism level of mine relate to points mentioned and absolute truths never exist in this universe as it is subjective and not included in objective things. Also, objectivity of truths are felt by using critical thinking models. In addition, every individual possess methods of analyzing and thinking on certain arguments and situations.


Student two:

My desired career route, and degree plan, is that of Business Management. Often times when I say that to people they ask me, if I plan on going the entrepreneurial route. I don’t think so at first, but possibly at one point or another in the future. My primary plan is to apply my degree in a federal agency capacity. Primarily I’d like to be involved in the ATF (Alcohol, tobacco, firearm and explosives). With this being a goal of mine due to their involvement in many issues. For my response to this week’s topic question. I can see many different scenarios that could be dealt with by critically thinking. For instance during a case building process, and having to build up a case file, so that I might either convict or confiscate said good(s). It may involve having to gain enough from that specific case, scene, and or individuals, so from that I might’ve been granted a search warrant or even an arrest warrant. Another scenario might be one of having to serve a warrant. One option might be to just serve it with my partner or consider having a larger force accompany us. Depending on the severity or criminal histories. I believe that this, is as equally impactful as many other federal agencies. A recent headline or fiasco that the ATF was involved with was the “Fast and Furious” events. The government had released guns as a form of sting operation, so that they would be able to track cartel activities. With this being a huge failure. Critical thinking suggests that it had a positive intent. Great topic question this week! Thanks for reading. I look forward to you responses!






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