The length of your paper should be 6 (1-inch margins, 12 point font, double spaced) with references on an additional page(s). You will need to provide a basic overview of current thinking on your topic (from textbook/other sources) and then discuss the specific research you have identified.

Also will need an Annotated Bibliography separate from research paper – Will need a minimium of 10 articles, seven of which will need to be empirical that goes along with the topic. This is included in the overall page amount.

Be sure to cover the following topics for each piece of research.

• What phenomenon is being studied/tested/evaluated?

• How is the study being conducted? Discuss the study methodology.

• What were the study findings? Its implications? Limitations?

• Does it confirm or refute prior research findings?

• Does it extend our knowledge?

• What is the relationship of this research to the other research you have identified?

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