1. You’re troubleshooting a clock issue within Windows: the system clock reports the correct time in CMOS and if you boot off a boot disk, but within Windows, the clock is consistently off. The issue appears even in Safe Mode. If software is eliminated, which chip could potentially be causing the issue? A. RTCC B. GPU C. CPU D. CMOS 2. You get an error message on a motherboard diagnostic program that indicates data isn’t being transferred correctly from the RAM to the CPU. Which bus is the error message indicating may be the problem? A. I/O bus B. Serial bus C. Frontside bus D. Backside bus 3. A client asks you about upgrading an old Pentium Pro machine that’s still working as a file server. The client put in what was then a server motherboard, so it has a number of memory slots. However, given that it’s a Pentium Pro machine, what’s the maximum amount of RAM likely to be usable in the machine? A. 4 GB B. 1 GB C. 2 GB D. 3 GB 4. What type bus should you recommend to someone that needs to connect and disconnect various peripherals to a system throughout the day without rebooting? A. USB B. PC C. EISA D. MCA 5. Patrick and Lee are discussing PCI-E cards. Patrick says that the PCI-E1.1 version boosted the available wattage to expansion cards. Lee says that the PCI-E2 version doubled the signal frequency and the data capacity. Who is correct? A. Only Lee B. Both C. Neither D. Only Patrick 6. Jose and Shin Lee are discussing RAM. Jose says that SDRAM completes one cycle for every cycle of the system clock. Shin Lee says that DDR SDRAM processing data on the up and down beats of every clock cycle. Who is correct? A. Both B. Only Shin Lee C. Neither D. Only Jose 7. Two technicians are discussing the speeds of various CPUs. Technician A says that the speed of a CPU is measured in cycles per second. Technician B says that CPU speed is used as a method to express computer performance. Which technician is correct? A. Neither technician B. Only Technician B C. Only Technician A D. Both technicians 8. A small handle located next to the chip should indicate to a technician that this is a/an _______ socket. A. LIF B. ZIF C. SECC D. SIMM 9. The characteristic of a system board that allows you to replace it with a newer version is called A. integration. B. form factor. C. modularity. D. synchronization. 10. You’re reading over some older system documentation while working on a legacy PC, and the documentation makes reference to the mezzanine bus. Which bus is being referred to with this term? A. Serial bus B. PCI bus C. AGP bus D. Front side bus 11. Two technicians are discussing the operating temperature for an Intel CPU. Technician A says that the maximum temperature is 200° F. Technician B says a cooling fan will keep the temperature near 100° F. Which technician is correct? A. Neither B. Only Technician A C. Only Technician B D. Both 12. The trend of data density, or transistors per square unit, on integrated circuits doubling roughly every year to 18 months is known as what? A. Murphy’s Law B. Occam’s Razor C. Gates’ Theorem D. Moore’s Law 13. When the PC bus was developed for use with the original PC and the XT, what was the data path width used by that bus? A. 8-bit B. 16-bit C. 64-bit D. 32-bit 14. What should be used to increase the speed of an existing CPU? A. FireWire B. Overclocking C. Dual voltage D. Advanced transfer rate 15. How many bits are the i5 and i7 Core CPUs? A. 64 B. 16 C. 32 D. 24 16. Which chip is associated with the startup BIOS? A. CPU B. BIOS C. CMOS D. ROM 17. Data is transmitted between the CPU and L2 cache over the A. backside bus. B. frontside bus. C. L1 cache. D. ISA. 18. What type bus should you recommend to a client who wants a computer that has the flexibility to End of exam attach a variety of expansion boards? A. MCA B. VESA C. PCMCIA D. EISA 19. When inventorying old equipment, you find a PC that was built in 1994. The computer is in a fulltower case, with a large motherboard installed withi…

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