ITE-221: PC Design Project Section 1: Introduction Write an introduction paragraph describing how the computer will be used. Here you can explain if it’s going to be a gaming computer, a work computer, your planned budget etc. Section 2: Hardware Section 2.1: List your hardware specifications. Section 2.2: Define components used in section 2.1 and identify required and optional components. Section 2.3: Search the web and list specific products you’re going to use (manufacturer, model, price, etc.). State why you prefer these products vs others. Provide pictures if possible. Section 3: Software Section 3.1: Write which Operating System you’re going to use and why. Section 3.2: List your application software and their usages. Section 4: Conclusion In conclusion, state the total cost of your PC. Will it be cost effective to custom build or buy prebuilt PC? You can also write about any other discoveries you made during your research.

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