Part B::: Choose one of the concepts (Cyber-bullying) that you explained on page three of learning block 5-3. Post your explanation to this discussion along with a brief introductory paragraph to give your classmates some background information.

Read the topic I choose Cyberbullying for the discussion. Read the lecture 5-3 provided.

Part B::: In response to the paragraph below, choose an explanation of a concept that you do not understand. Add value to the discussion by sharing what was confusing or needed more defined clarification.

Paragraph 1: Motivation in the Workplace is defined as the willingness to exert high levels of effort towards organizational goals, conditioned by the effort ability to satisfy some individual needs (UNC Exercutive Development ). Social scientist have been studying motivation for decades. There are many reason why people become motivated in the workplace (appreciation, expectations, needs, wants, benefits, salary, etc.) and many reason why people are not motivated in the workplace ( poor environment, non appreciation, low pay, overwork, non benefits). Social scientist are studying human motivation in the workplace along with the use of psychological theories to test the issue. This issue is important for CEO’s of companies to reach their goals in order to help people in the world. I will focus on the fact that employees may not be motivated due to the physical features around their environment that are affecting their moods. These factors are out of their control. Factors such as lighting, music, color, temperature, space etc.. By developing employee controlling apps ,this issue can be solved. For example, an employee who prefer low music, can turn the music lower in his or her office to help themselves concentrate. I will tailor my message with the concept of defining and simplifying. My audience is CEO’s of companies who have a bit of knowledge about the issue, but may not have knowledge about applications that can be beneficial for companies. I will simply start by saying what’s specifically important for CEO’s to gather their attention. Next I will briefly discuss the issue ( lack of motivation in the workplace) and then get straight to the point (installing employee control apps) to fix this issue;along with its benefits and comparisons.

Paragraph 2: Social media is a online communication and interaction with others through social sites on various topics. When you social media its not all about chatting with friends and associates. There is more to social media over the time I grasp a lot of different interaction through social media just by doing research. For example. writing research papers, online learning, and community interaction with students. I will break it down for you; my main purpose of this topic is basically letting you all in on what people haven’t noticed. When you are doing a research paper you need inputs from others, references, and ideas from different perspectives. Maybe, you have came across a student that learn better online than face to face interaction. Well that is always possible so that is also a social media learning concept. Every school have events and other curriculum activities that the community can be involved in with the students. So, this is my way of the thinking social media is not a bad as people make it seem. Yes, we all know that students be on social media for several hours a day but there is a lot more available on social media than socializing. Social media is a great way to interact with others and learn new things about all type of cultural, religion/beliefs, and historic topics. Yes, when I was in school social media was not as overrated like it has been in the late 2000’s. I really think it is not a bad idea that schools are letting students deal more with social media on learning basis, community interactions, and one on one learning. Socialization in school is a form of learning and success for the future not to interact with your peers about daily life things.

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