The Outline Paper Assignment is an important first step towards a successful final paper for class.. You are required to select ONE ASIAN COUNTRY (oor Region)) of your choice.. Write a short summary on an important issue within the selected country by including the details mentioned below.. Your country of choice can be in South Asia,, East Asia,, or Southeast Asia,, and does not have to be limited to the countries covered in class..


1.. Narrow down your paper topic,, research question,, and potential sources to use

2.. Begin writing your paper early in the semester to dedicate ample time for critical thinking,, revisions and quality writing

3.. Receive feedback from your professor to strengthen the quality of your final research paper

Key Elements

i.. Title for the paper : Spend a little time to select the paper’s title.. It should provide a good (ddetailed)) idea of what the paper is about ( the problem,, location etc.. )

ii.. Research Question:: Specify the thesis statement , or key question of investigation . This will be the guiding factor of what you plan to investigate or do in your paper..

iii.. Background:: Describe the country((ss)) of your choice.. Provide a brief summ ary of the historical,, political,, socio – economic and//oor environmental characteristics of the country.. Then provide more detail on the key issue of focus within the country..

iv.. Annotated Bibliography:: Identify TEN peer – reviewed sources that you plan to use for your pap er.. 1)) Cite the resource ; 2)) P rovide a brief description of why you feel the resource is relevant to your paper..

F ormat : Undergraduate students 800 – 1,000 word paper (aapprox.. 1 – 1 ½ pages single – spaced)) and graduate students 1,000 to 1 5 00 word paper (aapprox.. 2 ½ – 3 pages single – spaced)).. Note:: the Annotated Bibliography is not counted in this word limit.. The Outline P aper should be typed and proofread carefully.. Font – Times New Roman , 12 – point size,, single – spaced with an additional line between paragraphs,, and use the APA Style for references.. If you wish to use another citation format,, do discuss with the professor beforehand .

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