The change leadership paper is a critical reflection on change leadership considering the leader’s knowledge, skills and abilities required for leading change at the team level, with stated implications at the individual and organizational levels. The 10-page paper (excluding cover page and reference page) will have the appropriate use of APA style and format.

This is a two-part paper: In Part 1, using the model on page 173, Figure 9.1, (see attached PDF) The Change Agent Compass, you will create a plan to make an organizational change. This change can be within your organization or department, or with an association to which you belong. It can be changing a process or a methodology, a training program or a mindset/culture (please run a few ideas by me to make sure it is something I am comfortable in, I am in the military so something along those lines would be helpful). Be sure to define your key stakeholders and who you consider your ‘client’. You will also include how it will affect the individuals involved and the organization as a whole. Because the leader’s knowledge, abilities, and skills are essential to a successful change, include those in your analysis.

In Part 2, will be your reflection: Now that you have laid out your plan, where are there gaps in your thinking? What could go wrong that you have not thought about? Lastly, include how you will bring about this change. Feel free to use your discussion question responses (and your classmates’), along with your team assignments, as additional information for your paper.

Please follow attached Rubric!

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