Choose : Disney Locate information on your organization’s diversity policy. You may need to interview your organization’s diversity officer or human resources manager to obtain this information. If you are unable to find or use information about your organization, you may research another company’s diversity policy. Complete the Diversity Planning Grid . You may add blocks if you wish. Your team wants to improve or create the organizational diversity policies and provide an implementation plan for the company. Create a 6- or 7-slide presentation or a brochure to demonstrate your plan to the company’s chief executive officer (CEO). If you choose to create a brochure, you may click on the link for Brochure Builder and follow the instructions to build your brochure. Include the following components in your presentation or brochure: · Provide brief background information on your chosen organization. · Identify the organization’s need for the diversity planning improvement services. · Provide an outline of the proposed training or employee development plan. · Identify legal issues and obstacles that this organization could encounter. · Provide management a recommended course of action.

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