Use your creativity to create a public service announcement that could be played on television to promote health, prevent injury, or advocate for social justice.  Choose a topic from Healthy People 2030 that you passionate about and get your target audience to pay attention to your message.  There must be audio not just images.  Avoid copyrighted images by taking your own.  We look forward to seeing your creativity.  The link provided above provides a video on how to use adobe spark- a free program to facilitate making a video.  Be sure you include the requirements below: Healthy People 2030 – you must select a topic from Healthy People. I choose Mental Health (Depression): Target Audience- Select a target audience.  (who are you trying to reach- parents, teens, smokers, vulnerable populations, healthy people) Research – you must provide accurate, current information about your topic Resource- you must include a resource that the audience can seek if they need more information or assistance Decide on the approach of your message (What emotion are you trying to bring out in the audience) The PSA should be (1-2 minutes in duration) Submit the file in Blackboard PS: You are not making a video. You’re just writing the announcement.

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