Assignment Group Assignme nt: Maximum four students in each group. Select any one topic from the following and prepare a comprehensive report including; Introduction, Historical background, information and data, discussion and analysis, Recommendation and suggestion. 1. His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Life and Vision towards Renaissance of Oman. 2. Industrial and Trade sectors of Oman towards Progress. 3. Role of Oman’s Tourism Sector in Growth. 4. Transport Sector Importance and Complications . 5. Condition of Health Sector in Oman . 6. Contribution of Education sector of Oman in Sultanate’s Development. 7. Legal and Judicial frame work of the Sultanate. 8. Council of Oman ( Majilis – al – Dawla and Majilis – al – Shura ). 9. Role of Print and Electronic Media in the progress of the country. 500 word count 200 word for the introduction 150 word for Historical background, information and data 150 word for discussion and analysis, Recommendation and suggestion.

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