Part A – Analysis

Use ONE of the goals and sub-goals in the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to guide your observation and analysis.

For each observation record, analyse and interpret the child’s thinking by pointing out patterns in her/his behaviour, thinking and learning based on sociocultural and schema theory. Make connections between the events that you have observed. Write a summary analysis of your observations. Draw conclusions about what the observations mean for curricular planning and pedagogy, linking to child development theories.

Part B: Reflection on Observation Process

Describe ethical issues and confidentiality considerations in observing and recording children’s behaviour. Examine the use of objective observation in determining the levels of a child’s learning and development.

(300 words)

Part C: Reflect on the Way you Communicate Your Observations

This final part of the assignment provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to communicate your child observations, sharing them with a parent during a meeting. Pretend to have a conversation about what you have learned about the child through your observations. Pay attention to the language you use and answer any questions that may have been posed as clarification. Summarise the meeting you had with the parent/, highlighting key discussion points, comments, questions or concerns that were raised. Reflect critically on how you have portrayed the child in your conversation, and what you have learned from having to communicate your observations.

(300 words)


– Observation has been done for you, BUT you can edit the anecdote if you want to suit your essay.

– Required to choose only ONE of the goals and sub-goals (a few sub goals is fine) in the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to guide your observation and analysis.

– You are required to write about schemas. Please refer to Chapters 4 to 7 attached, as well as for a brief summary.

– At least 5 references (not from websites please)

– I have guided you through with some pointers, you may add in or edit if you see that I have interpret my observations incorrectly. (file attached)

– APA format

– total words 2500

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