Homework Assignment

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  1. 1) Heart Rate (2.5 points)
    1. a) What are the three ways to measure heart rate?
    2. b) What is tachycardia? Above what bpm?
    3. c) What is bradycardia? Under what bpm?
    4. d) Well-trained athletes usually have lower heart rate. Is it a good or bad thing? What does it mean?
    5. e) Based on the Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Lab Workshop, compare the bpm among the different settings (Auscultation-sitting, Auscultation-standing, Palpation-sitting, and Palpation-standing). Are there any difference? If so, what are some of the factors that may contribute to that?
  2. 2) Blood Pressure (1.5 points)
    1. a) What do systolic and diastolic mean?
    2. b) What is the measurement unit for blood pressure?
    3. c) Based on the Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Lab Workshop, what is the blood pressure’s classification of your client/classmate?
  3. 3) The DASH Diet has been clinically proven to help reduce blood pressure. As a result, people with high blood pressure are often educated on the principles of this diet. Research this diet and create an informational handout regarding the principles of the diet. (5 points)
    The handout should include:
    • A brief background/introduction of the diet
    • Enough information so that someone could pick up your pamphlet and understand exactly how to follow the diet
    • Only 1 page
    • Creativity, but not at the expense of content quality § No cut/copied information from websites or textbooks. (If you’re unsure, don’t use it). There are many websites with DASH Diet graphics that simplify the diet. Do not use these; type it out yourself. What you type, you are more likely to remember. § Cite your source-standard format as found in JAND (Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)
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