The purpose of this paper is to define, describe and explain your personal beliefs about the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm and their inter-relationship to one another as they guide your current nursing practice.

There are no right or wrong thoughts, feelings or beliefs; these represent your own philosophical beliefs. Then you must correlate or link your current philosophy to one particular nursing theory, identify these. 

The reflection paper is to written in MS Word,

be typed according to APA format

, and must be 3 pages in length.

The paper should include:

1.a title page and reference page, however, these pages are not to be included in the final count.

Evaluation criteria are as follows: Criteria for Personal Philosophy of Nursing Reflection Paper:

1. Introduction & brief description identifies purpose of the paper and the factors influencing the development of the personal nursing philosophy. 4%

2. Define, describe and explain your personal thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the concepts of the 4 nursing metaparadigms: 5% 

      a. Person/client

      b. Environment 

      c. Health 

      d. Nursing 

3. Identification and brief description of the nursing theory found to be the most compatible with the student’s personal nursing philosophy. Discuss the core components of the theory and how it reflects the student’s personal philosophies. 4% 

4. Organization, documentation, references followed APA format. 2%. 

References in APA 6th edition style for mentining nursing theories and metaparadigms.

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