Watch the video and answer questions 1/Describe in detail a “power pose” that a confident student might demonstrate in class. 2/Describe in detail a “powerless pose” that a not-so-confident student might demonstrate in class. 4/What is the length of an effective Power Pose? 5/The Power Pose represents what type of nonverbal communication detailed in Chapter Six of our textbook, Understanding Human Communicaiton? 6/According to Dr. Cuddy, what nonverbal sign do runners typically display when they cross the finish line? 7/Describe what Dr. Cuddy means by the statement, “Fake it till you make it.” 8/Describe one way you plan to use a Power Pose to your advantage in this communications class. 9/Describe one way you plan to use a Power Pose to your advantage in your personal or professional life. 10/With whom (friend, work colleague, family) do you want to share this knowledge? Why?

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