Be clear about which message you are responding to. Refer to specific passages or ideas in the course or text that have sparked your interest. Make sure your contribution adds something new to the discussion. A simple “I agree” may be your initial response, but think about how you can take the conversation to the next level. Use a minimum of 75 words each in response to the 4 classmate post.

IT117: Website Development


Standards have come into web development in order to make things easier for everyone. Let’s be honest here the WWW is a phenomenon that is only going to get bigger and bigger. Now in order to keep things user-friendly for everyone involved standards had to be put in place. For some these were a blessing all the while being a disadvantage to others. Here is a little bit of both:


  • Anyone who’s been active in Web development for more than 15 minutes knows how time-consuming and complicated it is to double-code for different browser versions. Standards help you avoid such tedium.
  • Coding in accordance with standards can shorten both development and maintenance time. Debugging and troubleshooting, therefore, becomes easier, because the code follows a pattern.


  • It stifles the creation of a truly unique langue that can revolutionize the WWW.
  • It can get boring using the same standards time and time again



The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) promotes standardization because it supports consistency in the coding of the web page. There are many advantages of standardization could make use of the web either easy or difficult for both users and developers. One of the many advantages of standardization is accessibility. Keeping up with the standards will help widen the visibility of your webpage when browsing the web. It also helps with making your webpage accessible to users with disabilities as well as being compatible with multiple devices. Stability is another advantage of keeping up with the standards. Most web standards and structured with backward and forward compatibility in consideration. This helps data utilizing older versions of the standards continue to operate in new browsers and data using newer versions of the standards will downgrade for a smooth experience in older browsers.


IT261: Desktop Administration


Three tools that will serve you well as administrators are:

Component Services – This Microsoft Management Console plug-in will help you troubleshoot errors in the event viewer where you may see a specific error on an application CLSID. In this example the application does not have local activation permissions, and you would have to go in and give an account, perhaps a service account, rights to perform its tasks:

Recovery – This very important tool is useful if you do not have an application such as Carbonite running on your pc and has 3 links for helping. For basic needs the Create a recovery drive option is great start. Get a USB stick with at least 20gb and run the wizard to have a quick and easy way to create a tool to help you troubleshoot your pc if it will not start. If you have installed an update and the pc begins to throw errors or performs badly use the next link Open System Restore will help you go back in time from an OS perspective when your pc would boot up correctly. The Configure System Restore will have to be setup first for the System Restore to work, so make sure to turn on system restore on your root drive, then run the wizard for creating a restore point.

File History – To have a quick and easy way to restore files such as library documents or favorites is to turn on this tool. First run it to create a history folder in a secondary drive. Once it is completed you can then go to a folder holding documents, select a document, right-click, then properties, then the Previous Versions tab to restore from a previous date.



Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
This helps protect the computers on your network. It includes a stateful firewall that allows you to determine which network traffic is permitted to pass between your computer and the network. It also includes connection security rules that use Internet Protocol security (IPsec) to protect traffic as it travels across the network.

Performance Monitor
It is a rather impressive visualization tool for examining performance data, both in real time and from log files. With it, you can view performance data in a report, histogram, or graph.

System Information
This tool shows the appropriate data to resolve problems. Its main purpose is to gather information on the software environment, hardware resources, and components.


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