**Please follow ALL instructions given THOROUGHLY .** Use the link I have attached for reference to the instructions listed below. I will also attach a few screen shots from the linked textbook in case you have any difficulty. 🙂 Based on your readings in this course, students will write a paper on religious liberty and teaching about religion in public schools that could be used as a guide to keeping pace with evolving law on religious liberty and public education, changing trends on religious liberty and public education and emerging challenges that touch on religious liberty and public education. ***This paper will focus on providing practical tips for public school and administrators who may not be familiar with the topic. The paper will be written in APA format; include a title page; a Reference List, and include at least 4 pages of written content .*** Address ALL of the following topics in the paper: 1)  Describe Constitutionally protected religious liberty, (refer to 5 points of guiding principles in Finding Common Ground text, 2007, pp.11-13; Appendix B, What Citizens Should Know,p.264) 2)  Identify common misconceptions surrounding religion and public schools, (Refer to the 44 questions in Finding Common Ground text,2007,pp.227-252) 3)  Summarize current laws regarding teaching and practicing religion in public schools, and practical tips for public school teachers. (Refer to Chapter 10 of Foundations of American Education,2018, pp.267-303) <---*this text is attached using screenshots* **PLEASE see the rubric that is attached and check the paper when finished by comparing to the exemplary column. Mainly focus on the sources from the textbooks, use few outside sources

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