((( The event ))) focus on phil kaye

Watch the video and write a draft then The event or lecture itself will offer the primary source of information for your story – the primary speaker or panel members at a side event. Your story should have more than one voice. You must conduct at least two interviews in addition to whatever is said by the lecturer. One may be the keynote speaker (if you’re very lucky) or panelist

(((( The story you write should look like a news story in a newspaper or an online news outlet. It should be written in news style, meaning that you should follow AP style on such things as numbers, punctuation and cities. Do not indent paragraphs; instead use frequent paragraphs, containing only one or two ideas. Lines in a paragraph should be single-spaced but paragraphs set apart by two lines (hit the return key twice ))).

Read related articles in other media. Has the speaker given lectures elsewhere that were reported on? Find raw data from government and other sources that relate to information given in the speach. Collect as much as you can even though it’s more than you will probably need.

Organize your notes

Decide what your focus will be. What is your most newsworthy piece of

information? You’ll structure the story around that, so list the related 5Ws and H and all supporting details. Then, rank the rest of your information based upon its


Write the lead.

Your first sentence is the most important sentence and provides the focus on the story. Every other sentence flows from it. Make sure the lead includes most if not all of the 5Ws but only includes details that are absolutely necessary.

Rewrite the lead.

Edit your lead to make sure it’s perfect. Remove extraneous or repetitive

information. Tighten the wording. Make sure the lead tells the full story all by itself.

Edit and revise the story.

Reread your story: Does it answer all of the reader’s possible

questions? Does the story place the most important information first and end with the least important information? Do your quotations match your notes exactly? Are the quotes punctuated correctly? Is everything in AP Style? If not, revise and rewrite.

File the story.

Turn in the story by the deadline.

Finding the story angle

Be curious about the world in which you live. Ask questions. Challenge assumptions. Think critically about what you see and experience. Remember the news values, and consider what changes in the status quo your readers need information about.


Write supporting paragraphs.

Your second paragraph should elaborate on the lead, and each subsequent paragraph should follow the same structure: Greater detail and less-important information. Background should be included if it’s relevant, but should never precede more newsworthy information.


­1. Report the news, not what you think about it. Exclude unnecessary adjectives and be on the lookout for opinion words like “fortunately” and “hopefully.”

2. Attribute all information to its source.

3. Always use AP Style.

4. Always be accurate and factual. Don’t betray your readers’ trust and undermine your credibility by getting something wrong.

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