In order to prepare you for your final paper and presentation while learning rhetorical methods of analysis of texts, you will complete THREE application assignments, TWO papers and ONE oral presentation. Each application paper should be approximately 3-5 pages. For each of the assignments, please do a rhetorical criticism using the process described in the chapter assigned for that particular assignment BEFORE writing your paper.

Your papers and oral presentation should follow this format:

(a) briefly describe the text,

(b) summarize the theory and/or important concepts you are using as your method (explain what you did); this section should end with your central claim or thesis, and

(c) present the RESULTS of your analysis (this should be the longest part of your paper and should describe what you found AFTER doing the steps of neo-Aristotelian criticism); it should support your thesis or central claim), and

(d) evaluate whether you think this theory was useful for this type of analysis and/or for your final project/paper.

(e) As you will be using materials from the Foss book and other materials, you must cite your sources properly according to APA format in the text of your paper and on a reference page.

For this assignment, you each will complete a paper based on the Neo-Aristotelian Criticism we do in class. Together we will watch a speech and employ Neo-Aristotelian methods of criticism as we watch it and take notes. You will then complete a paper based on this analysis. As you will probably need to watch the speech again to complete your assignment, it can be found at the following address:

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