Question 1: Hypothetically speaking, you are assigned to a committee of three to decide on a dress code for your University Staff and Faculty. Only two of the three votes are required to pass this policy. In this situation you are one of the two agreeing to a dress code. What steps might you take to gain the cooperation of the third party after the policy has been initiated.

Answer question 1 in 300 words with in-text citations and 2 peer reviewed references. Introduction & references page cannot be counted with 300 words

Question 2: In general people’s way of dressing usually generates a high impact on one’s thought when the people usually see someone the way of dressing usually creates a positive impact on one’s mind at the first look (Lewicki, Barry, & Sanders, 2015). If the people maintain the proper dress code it usually eradicate the impact. The main objective behind maintaining the dress code is if generally shows the uniqueness among the people who study in the university or the organization. Maintaining the proper dress code usually helps in achieving the quality and it also creates respect between the people or in between the students in the universities and by maintaining the proper dress code eliminates the differences between the people in the organization and dress code creates strength between the students.

According to me, I suggest following the formal dress code because it gives professional look for the employees who work in the organization or it would look professional for the students who study at the university or in the college. If the dress code is maintained it generally gives the unique style and also it also creates huge respect for the professionals. Including with the professors, as well as students and the staff of the organization, should also maintain the dress code this should be maintained because proper respect is given to everyone.

For instance, If we consider a professor who generally works in the organization for the small role in the organization or works for the small role in the university and that person is usually given little respect when compared with the other employees who are in the higher position than them most of the times the person who receives the less respect usually feels low, if the proper dress code is maintained for everyone irrespective of their role or the position which may be high or low it should be maintained for professors also. So maintaining the proper dress code usually eliminates the feeling in them.

Maintenance of the dress code for professors and the students are quite different whnen compared to one another. If it is maintained, the people usually comes from the different cultures and they usually come from various places and they also come from the variety of the statuses so to eliminate the grace in the proper dress code should be maintained While choosing the dress code the code of the dress should not criticize someone’s feelings and while choosing it, it should be created as it should give a class and the professional look.


Kokemuller, N. (2015). The Importance of a Dress Code for Professionalism. Retrieved September 23, 2019, from

Negotiation, Lewicki, Barry, & Sanders, McGraw -Hill, 7th Edition (2015) ISBN 978-0- 07-802944-9

Review the question 2 and give your comments to it in about 250 words with in-text citations. This do not require introduction/summary. You have to comment it out from what you understood with 2 peer reviewed references. Only the subject counts as 250 words but not the reference or introductions page

No plagiarism

No spinbot.synonym kind of work

APA format references mandatory

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