Hi i need someone to follow the instructions below and I have attached the reading that we need to respond to below also. Response papers: Write a 1-2 page paper for every reading assigned. The response paper should be a reaction to reading reflecting your thoughts, rather than a summary of the reading. You should use one or two brief quotations from the author (not the editor’s introduction, which precedes the reading) to connect your discussion with the text. No sources other than the assigned text may be used. You may either: Present a critical analysis of the article. Identify a central argument and criticize it. Choose a central claim of the author and critically evaluate it in terms current educational issues. Choose a central claim of the author and apply it to an educational strategy in a teaching context you are interested in. Response Papers will be evaluated on a scale to 1 to 5 according to following criteria and rubric: Centrality of the aspect of the text selected: 1-2: Paper has little or no direct relevance to the reading. 3-4: The paper is relevant but the connection between the paper and the reading is not clearly presented. 5: The paper is relevant and clearly connected to the reading. Cogency of the presentation: 1-2: There is little or no reasonable support for claims made. 3-4: Some support for the claims is offered using reasons and argument. 5: Claims are supported by arguments with reasons and evidence. Thoughtfulness of the discussion: 1-2: The point of the discussion is unclear and the ideas undeveloped. 3-4: The discussion is fairly clear and the ideas somewhat developed. 5: The point of the discussion is clear and the ideas developed. Technical considerations (spelling, grammar, paragraphing, organization) 1-2: Spelling and grammatical errors. Poor paragraphing and organization. 3-4: Typos and paragraphing errors. Unclear organization. 5: Error free with clear paragraphing and organization.

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