Hi there,

I need help on presentation slides. Below is the guide lines. We are doing the Home Plus Riding the Korean Retailing Rollercoaster. Please see the attachment for the case study.

  • This class will be divided into teams.Each team will do one presentation on one country/area specific case study in the Ivey Business Publishing course pack.
  • The content of should include 1. Basic introduction of the company (a. established date b. focus products c. ownership d. headquarter e. development history), 2. Overall industry market outlook in the specific country, 3. Selected Porter’s five forces (new entrants, local competitors, consumers, suppliers, substitutes), 4. Summary of the case study 5. Challenges the company has encountered, 6. Suggestive solutions your group would like to provide.
  • Must use power point slides and other technologies to make the subject fun, clear and understandable.
  • Must contain a short video clip or TV commercials of the assigned company or their competitors, or any other content that can serve visual exposure of that company to the class.
  • Presentation power point slides need to be submitted to the instructor 24 hours before our class time, or the grades will be lower as much as a half letter grade.
  • Each student should present at least three power-point slides with concise and meaningful content.
  • Each student will have three to five-minute presentation time for each presentation.Each presentation shall not exceed 30 minutes.
  • Presentation grading system: Content: 30%, Power point outlines: 25%, Presentation Skills (including time management): 20%, Professional manner: 10%, Group overall grading: 10%, Class grading: 5%.
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