The company chosen was Coca-Cola

Please provide an overview covering the primary business activities and industry.

1.Identify a minimum of 5 key risk areas such as finance, security, etc. for the business and list at least 2 types of risks in each area. At least one type of risk should involve a global issue.

2.Create a Consequence and Likelihood Table for Five Types of Risk ], to present the following information for the 10 risks. At a minimum include the following.

  • Risk
  • Impact*
  • Likelihood*
  • Potential Mitigation (how can the risk be reduced)
  • Risk Owner (Select appropriate department)

*Define measurement scale (1 to 5) or (Rare to Frequent). Present this information separately from the completed table or as a note on the same page.

3. Create a heat map/matrix to demonstrate the outcome from Part 2

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