Class Name:Edu Governance, History & Phil

  • Discussion3a
  • Article Review 3a:
  • Discussion 1
  • Discussion 2
  • Discussion 1
  • Discussion 2
  • Think about the article from module 4, 12 Math Rules that Expire in the Middle Grades.
  • Explain how estimation skills are appropriate for solving problems with whole number operations.

1) Two of the most important questions you will address as a classroom teacher:

  • How do students learn?
  • How can I use my understanding of learning to teach more effectively?

Reflect upon these questions and then provide your own personal responses to these key questions. As part of your answer, be sure that you support your personal opinions with examples and supporting material from relevant literature.

2) Answer the questions about “James Otto and the Pi Man” on Slide 9 of this module week and post your responses.

5. “That’s a Rap” by M. Bonner, Educational Leadership, January 2019, Vol. 76, No. 4, pp. 40-44Article layout attached.

LibGuide at

Class Name: ESOL Found:Cross-Cultural Com

Explore the Language Development Content Item and then answer the following discussion questions.

  • The history of the English language reveals the impact of major societal changes on the structure and vocabulary of a language. How do you think the structure and vocabulary of English will change in the next 500 years? What major non-linguistic forces do you anticipate driving that change?
  • How will your knowledge of how English has developed over time help you as a teacher of English Language Learners? How does understanding language as a system guide you in the decisions you will make as a teacher of ELLs?

Based on your readings this week, discuss what makes the needs of SIFE students unique? Include in your discussion the following:

  • Why it is important to identify ELL students as potential SIFE ?
  • What advice you would give Mrs. Johnson to help Juan improve his academic and language skills?
  • What are some specific ways you could establish home-school connections to get his parents involved with his learning.

ClassName: Mathematics in Elem School

What skills are needed for K-6 students to demonstrate proficiency in all four operations? (ELEM.MAT1.6) How would you assess proficiency?

ClassName: Reading Foundations Elem Schl

Discussion 1

Read the Viewpoint in Box 6.1 on page 153 of the textbook entitled “Word Identification Involves More than Teaching Phonics”.

Answer the following discussion question:
How does Rasinski’s view compare/contrast to your own view of phonics or word identification? Did it change after reading this?

Discussion 2

  • Read the scenario in Box 6.2 Student Voices on page 155 of the textbook. Discuss how Kathia, a Hispanic student, adapted her reading instruction based on her proficiency level to be more successful. What strategies did she use to improve her discourse as applied to a second language and literacy learning?
  • Explain the difference between genetics and epigenetics and how that will impact what you do in your classroom to help your students from low-income homes succeed. Provide concrete examples of what you can do.

I will Add the textbook on attachment.

ClassName: Seminar: Reflection

Words 100-200 words a piece for discussion with good detail. Things will be attached.

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