1. Briefly explain what prohibited your ability to be successful. Reflect back on your academic career and be specific articulating any unusual or extenuating circumstances.(250 words or less) My answer: Doing the semesters I was very stress and overwhelm in my life because I became very ill. It was very difficult  for me to concentrate and do well in my classes when I became ill. I would be in a lot of pain and would take medicating that would make me sleep. I was working 3 jobs and trying to attend school. I have sickle cell in which the stress on my body of 3 jobs was to much for me and class. I had to take care of my family and go to school to better myself so I would not have to work so many jobs. I understand now that I should have communicated with my professors or withdraw from classes until I gotten better. I thought I could handle everything at once and tried my best but I was wrong. 2. What has changed in your life that will now allow you to be successful? Describe how the circumstances have changed that will allow you to perform successfully. Include changes you have identified as beneficial in any of the following areas: academics, family, social, work, etc. (250 words or less) My answer: I now understand how importation it is to communicated with the school and what program can help me when circumstances come up. I also only have two jobs which one is part-time and I can choices when I want to work. I also work a full time job where I can now study more because I have my own office 3. Describe the specific plan of action that you will follow to attain academic success if your appeal is approved. What success strategies will you follow? Include: What grades will you need in each class to return to good standing? How will you get those grades? What changes might you need to make to attain those grades? Address plans to retake previously failed courses. Goals for the term and how you will achieve them. If currently enrolled in a course and not meeting the expectations of your SAP plan, how do you plan on meeting this expectation by the end of the term? Any strategies you will use to ensure your success. (250 words or less) My Answer: I understand that school should be a top priority. I should have done a better job communicating with my professors so that I wouldn’t have fallen behind in classes. Since I didn’t correctly explain to my professors what was going on, my GPA suffered tremendously. I believe that this unfortunate semester has put me onto the right path and will push me into doing much better in my courses. I understand the seriousness of the situation that I have put myself into and federal aid is a privilege, not a right. I have taken full responsibility of my actions and will not allow myself to have another mishap in the future 4. What is your action plan in the event your previous issues come up again? Please be specific. What is your plan in case anything goes wrong? How will you stay on the path to success? Back up internet access or computer? How are you going to utilize tutoring or other Support Services? (250 words or less) My answer: I will do the following: 1. Inform my professors when a life altering event occurs 2. Keep my school work as a top priority 3. Utilize the Tutoring Center when I need help with a certain subject I have started this career on the wrong foot but I can definitely succeed from now on. Financial aid is my only option while attending a University. I know what is expected of me now. I am willing to work hard, manage my time correctly, and put my hundred percent into all my coursework.

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