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Organizational Analysis and Design

15 – 20 pages

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to use a broad range of organizational theories reviewed to analyze a music media/marketing organization. Upon completion of the analysis, you will provide organization design recommendations substantiated by peer reviewed empirical studies.

Outline of Paper

1. Table of Contents

2. Introduction

3. Organization Description

a. In this section, you may consider including public references (i.e. vision, mission, as outlined on public websites). This section would also benefit from a positionality statement where you would outline a leadership role in the organization and disclose any bias, values, lenses through which you may perceive and interpret organizational dynamics.

In sections 4 through 8, you will frame your observations through the theoretical lenses reviewed during the course. For each section you are required to include one to two peer reviewed references beyond the ones included in the course to substantiate your claims.

4. Organizational Structure

5. Organizational Culture

6. Organizational Technology

7. Organizational Power, Control, & Politics

8. Organizational Learning

9. Organizational Analysis

a. This section should be a synthesis of the most critical items of sections 3 through 8. These important items should directly relate to your recommendation section.

10. Recommendations

11. Conclusion

12. References


Hatch, M. J. (2018). Organization theory: Modern, symbolic, and postmodern perspectives.4th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Morgan, G. (2006). Images of organization(Updated ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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