Read the case (5-1 Walmart in Germany) from chapter 5 in your textbook. If you don’t have the textbook, here is a picture of the case.

Walmart case.doc

Use this rubric to analyze the case.

  1. Summary/ Background: (3 points) Write a summary of Walmart’s entry in Germany
  2. Situation/ Problem: (3 points) Identify briefly the main issues with Walmart’s failure in Germany
  3. Solution: (4 points) If you were Walmart, how would you change things so that Walmart is successful in Germany? Present solutions to the problems you identified in part 2.
  • Follow the correct order of sections as outlined above. In your assignment, I want to see all three sub-headers – Summary, Situation and Solution
  • You can submit your answer by typing as a text entry or attach as word/ pdf file.
  • About 1 page single spaced (a little less or over is ok)
  • You don’t need to include any references

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