1) Post a link to an article or commentary you find online. The article must be dated within the past four weeks. Sources for stories: Newspapers: Wall Street Journal, News & Observer, Durham Herald-Sun other local papers. Magazines: Time, Newsweek, U.S. News, etc. The Wake Tech Library has these magazines and others. Internet: Do not open up a search engine and just type “religion news”. Begin with a site with high journalist standards such as www.religionnews.com; https://news.yahoo.com/news/topics/religion. Commentaries can be op-ed, regular columns. Stay away from anything that is profane or incendiary. Make sure the piece is well-written and contains very very few spelling / grammar errors.

2) Give a brief summary of the article and share how the article relates to our study of religion? Relate it to a specific religious belief or practice. Or to an aspect of the study of religion in chapter one. Write a paragraph explaining the relationship to the course. Cite specific information from the text or notes.

3) Do you think the article or commentary is fair? What information about the religion is not mentioned?

4) What questions do you have about the article or commentary?

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