Weeks 4 and 7: NCFR Substance Areas Literature Review Project DUE IN 2 PARTS: WEEK 4 AND WEEK 7 (Addresses Course Objectives 1, 3, and 5) Below are the 5 “Substance Areas” of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR), a professional organization whose mission it is to “ To provide an educational forum for family researchers, educators, and practitioners to share in the development and dissemination of knowledge about families and family relationships, establish professional standards, and work to promote family well-being” ( http://www.ncfr.org/ ). During the eight weeks of this senior seminar students will , with the guidance of their instructor, select and conduct a review of peer reviewed research literature related to the 5 substance areas (Note: All articles must be retrieved from the APUS online library ).  The phrase “peer reviewed” means that a publication contains articles reviewed and deemed academically sound and scientifically rigorous by the author’s peers in the field.  Sources such as blogs, personal websites, popular magazines, newspapers, or any of the Wikis that are out there are NOT acceptable. Students will select, from the larger body of child and family development literature, two peer reviewed research journal articles per substance area and review, summarize, and critique them in one paper per area. The critiques should describe the research method and results, as well as implications for future research. Each article review should be between 1 and 1½ pages – double-spaced, equating to 2-3 pages per substance area.   The format for this assignment should be: Substance Area Name Research article 1 (include the title of the article Critique of 1-1.5 pages Rsearch article 2 (include the title of the article) Critique of 1-1.5 pages Use this format for each of your Substance Areas.  The text for each review must start at the 1 inch margin on the left-hand side of your paper. Substance Areas 1-5 reviews must be completed and compiled into a midterm literature review packet to be submitted by the end of the week. NCFR SUBSTANCE AREAS FAMILIES IN SOCIETY e.g., Structures & Functions; Cultural Variations; Dating, Courtship, Marital Choice; Kinship; Cross-Cultural and Minority Families; Changing Gender Roles; Demographic Trends; Historical Issues; Work-Family Relationships; Societal Relations 2. INTERNAL DYNAMICS OF FAMILIES e.g., Internal Social Processes; Communication; Conflict Management; Normal Family Stresses; Family Crises; Special Needs in Families. 3. HUMAN GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT OVER THE LIFESPAN e.g., Prenatal; Infancy; Early and Middle Childhood; Adolescence; Adulthood; Aging. 4. HUMAN SEXUALITY e.g., Reproductive Physiology; Biological Determinants; Aspects of Sexual Involvement; Sexual Behaviors; Sexual Values and Decision-Making; Family Planning; Sexual Response; Sexual Dysfunction; Influence on Relationships 5. INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS e.g., Self and Others; Communication Skills; Intimacy, Love, Romance; Relating to Others.

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