In an age where businesses are desperately searching for talented staff who can hit the ground running in their organization, industries across the board are facing a skills gap epidemic. Given the void between skills acquired in higher education and those that come as a result of genuine work experience, it’s unrealistic to expect to find staff who can make a valuable contribution without you first providing training.

There are, of course, several elements to talent acquisition – it isn’t just about locating the best talent, it’s about nurturing their skills to mould them into the best employee they can be. Businesses need to take more responsibility for the quality of their onboarding and training resources for new staff members, as well as training their talent acquisition team to know exactly what to look for when making a hire.

Following what you’ve written so far, answer the following question as it relates to your developing organization:

What qualities or characteristics will you look for in a new employee? Why should they come to work for you rather than a different company?

How will you ensure that you retain the top employees?

What will you do to ensure that you create an inclusive working environment?

Use what you have learned on funding opportunities to answer these questions in narrative form. Again, your response to the above questions should be between a total of 400-600 words. You will be graded on accuracy of content/concepts used, feasibility, and finally the organization and presentation of the writing. Please refer to the rubric posted on Canvas for more detail on grading.

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