• refers to the cash flow that results from the firm’s ongoing, normal business activities.

Select one:

1. Cash flow from assets

2. Net working capital

3. Capital spending

4. Cash flow from operating activities

5. Cash flow to creditors

  • Frederico’s has a profit margin of 6%, a return on assets of 10%, and an equity multiplier of 1.5. What is the return on equity?

Select one:

1. 15%

2. 5%

3. 11.2%

4. 13.5%

5. none of the above

  • When you are making a financial decision, the most relevant tax rate is the _____ rate.

Select one:

1. average

2. fixed

3. variable

4. effective

5. marginal

  • Ratios that measure how efficiently a firm’s management uses its assets and equity to generate bottom line net income are known as _____ ratios.

Select one:

1. asset management

2. long-term solvency

3. short-term solvency

4. profitability

5. market value

  • You are considering a job offer. The job offers an annual salary of $50,000, $55,000, and $65,000 a year for the next three years, respectively. The offer also includes a starting bonus of $2,000 payable immediately. What is this offer worth to you today at a discount rate of 6 percent?

Select one:

1. $150,383.56

2. $148,383.56

3. $150,283.56

4. $148,283.56

5. none of the above

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