Overview Another important management facet for public managers is that of financial management and budgetary planning.  Almost every policy decision has a financial effect and astute leaders need to know how to ensure that agency goals stay on budget and positively impact the bottom line. Reading & Study Textbook Readings Article: Determinants of Sound Budgeting and Financial Management Practices at the Decentralised Level of Public Administration Article: The Right Mix? Gender Diversity in Top Management Teams and Financial Performance Article: Why Public Financial Management Matters Article: Performance and Financial Management in Local Government: Symposium Introduction Article: A Tale of Two Hatchet Men Article: Transparency in Governments: A Meta-Analytic Review of Incentives for Digital Versus Hard-Copy Public Financial Disclosures Article: Public Financial Management Systems and Countries’ Governance: A Cross-Country Study Presentation: Budgeting Theories in Public Organizations Discussion Board Forum: Financial Management Topic: Financial Management Discuss statesmanship as it relates to financial management in the public administration context.  Discuss the challenges that statesmen would face in this area and the statecraft needed to lead successfully. Integrate Biblical principles into your initial personal thread and your replies to peers.

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