For this two-part assignment, you will be writing an analysis of a short story, including your interpretation of the story’s meaning, as well as relating the story’s meaning to your overall exploration of the humanities. These writings are not merely reflective exercises. Research and writing about the deeper meaning of the story is required. Although you may be creative, you will also have to demonstrate that you are engaging with the course materials, demonstrating academic research, and following proper citation procedures.


See assessment rubrics attached to this dropbox and the Module 4 Wrap Up Story Story Analysis Discussion.


Use the Module 4 Required Readings in your textbook and the Module 4 Online Exploration as your guides.

Assignment Instructions

Part 1 – Short Story Analysis Essay Instructions

Note: After completing Part 1, you will automatically gain access to Part 2.

1. Read some of the short stories from the link below and select ONE story to analyze.

Short stories available at:

2. After you select and have carefully read the short story, do RESEARCH by finding at least two scholarly articles on the short story and integrate what you learned from them in your essay. Try the SPC Library database or Google Scholar.

3. In a new document, start by composing one fully-developed paragraph (150 words minimum), where you identify the following elements:

  • title of story, author, date of publication
  • setting
  • characters
  • plot

4. Then, in two fully-developed paragraphs (at least 150 words in each paragraph), explain the ultimate meaning of the story. Provide as many specific examples from the story as possible. Please note that this is your interpretation of the many possible meanings that the author is trying to convey. This is a point over which reasonable people may disagree. How do the researched interpretations of the story compare to your own interpretations?

Minimum 3 Paragraphs and 450 word count total.

5. Cite the sources of your researched interpretations. You must find and identify at least two research sources beyond your textbook. You may also cite research links provided in this module, but be sure to find and cite at least one source beyond what you are provided. Either the MLA or APA format will be permitted. Do NOT use Wikipedia or other encyclopedias (online, etc.) only. That is, you cannot use encyclopedias alone. Of course, you may use it as a starting place. Be sure to use SPELL CHECK and proof read your essay.


  • Avoid retelling the story. You can assume your readers (the instructor and your classmates) are familiar with the story.
  • Focus the submission on the analysis: What is the ultimate meaning of the story? What is the author saying about the human experience? How does the author convey the meaning? Why did the author choose to do it that way?
  • Provide the citations both in text (Smith, 74) and in a works cited section on the last page. Use a hanging indent and double spacing. Put the citations in alphabetical order by the first word in the entry (usually the author’s name)
  • Cite the short story you’re analyzing too.

Part 2: Wrap Up Short Story Analysis Discussion

Note: Part 2 will be hidden until you’ve completed Part 1. After completing Part 1, you will automatically gain access to Part 2.

1. Go to the Module 4 Wrap Up Short Story Analysis Discussion Forum and follow the instructions there.

Module 4 Short Story Analysis EssayModule 4 Short Story Analysis Essay

Due October 13 at 11:57 PM

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