Please provide an answer to each of the following. For each topic, write the topic and then the answer. (5 points)

a) Parties involved in the study: Funding source and amount

b) Unit of analysis

c) Independent and dependent variables

d) Method for Selection of Participants

e) Research findings

Provide a detailed discussion of the following topics. Be sure to utilize the literature and the film as the basis for your discuss. Make sure you site the specific section of the film when appropriate. A minimum of 7 references are required for this section. The nine sections should be written in APA format with headings that correspond with the nine sections listed below

a. Provide a critical evaluation of the role and responsibilities of the researchers

b. What is the role of the IRB

c. Provide a detailed discussion on how the government/public health failed the research participants, and families

d. Describe how this study impacts the attitude of African Americans and other minorities toward government and any other research entities.

e. The study asks a basic research question: is the rate and progression of syphilis in the Black male the same as that for the White male. Is that, in your opinion, a legitimate scientific question? Explain: What are the ethical implications in this study?

f. The study paid the subjects $50 for a coffin and burial services.

a. Did that seem fair to you? Why or why not?

b. If the study had been done exactly the same way it was actually done, but the payment to subjects had been $100,000, would that have seemed fair to you?

g. What were the cultural and interpersonal forces that permitted the Tuskegee study to continue for 40 years?

h. What events, both in the United States and around the world, occurred during the time of study that might help us understand why the study was conducted?

i. Why is it important to obtain informed consent? How might informed consent have changed the outcome of this study?

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