MIS/562 MIS 562 MIS562 Week 7 Individual Assignment – SQL File + Screenshots – A+ Guaranteed! MIS/562 MIS 562 MIS562 IS/562 IS 562 IS562 DeVry University Use as a guide only! NOTE: Thanks for purchasing this! Please open the files when you buy the assignment! Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. You can find my contact info at my profile: http://www.homeworkmarket.com/users/algebraexpert Thanks! AE Name: _______________________ Homework (100 points) Part 1 Using the following Data Dictionary views write the statements that will perform the following actions. Be sure to test your statements.  (Do not use SELECT *) ROLE_ROLE_PRIVS ROLE_SYS_PRIVS ROLE_TAB_PRIVS USER_ROLE_PRIVS USER_SYS_PRIVS USER_TAB_PRIVS Question SQL statement or Answer 1. Determine what privileges your account has been granted through a role.  (10 points) 1. Determine what system privileges your account has been granted. (10 points) 1. Execute the following statement then determine what table privileges your account has been granted. (15 points) 1. 1. Grant select on student to public; 1. Determine what system privileges the DVONLINE role has.  (10 points) 1. Analyze the following query and write a description of the output it produces. (15 points) SELECT COUNT(DECODE(SIGN(total_capacity-20), -1, 1, 0, 1)) “<=20", COUNT(DECODE(SIGN(total_capacity-21), 0, 1, -1, NULL, DECODE(SIGN(total_capacity-30), -1, 1)))"21-30", COUNT(DECODE(SIGN(total_capacity-30), 1, 1)) "31+" FROM (SELECT SUM(capacity) total_capacity, course_no FROM section GROUP BY course_no) 1. Determine the top three zip codes where most of the students live. Use an analytical function.  The query will product 10 rows. (10 points) Part 2 Analyze the file from Doc Share called utlpwdmg.sql and analyze the code in this file.  Write a paragraph that describes what the function performs.  What are the inputs parameters, the output parameter and what does the function do?   (30 points) week 5  Assignment. Homework (50 points) Using the student schema from week 2, provide answers to the following questions. Question SQL statement or Answer 1. Generate statistics for the student, enrollment, grade, and zipcode tables (15 pts) 1. Write a query that performs a join, a subquery, a correlated subquery using the student, enrollment, grade, and zipcode tables.  Execute each query to show that it produces the same results.  (15 pts) 1. Produce an autotrace output and explain plan for each query.  (10 pts) 1. Analyze the results and state which performs best and why.  Write an analysis of what operations are being performed for each query.  Determine which query is the most efficient and explain why (10 pts)

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