Choose a condition to learn about and research it using any posted web links. Define the condition and describe some signs and symptoms comparing medical terminology to common language. Include any diagnostic or surgical procedures that would apply. Post the link to the site of your information.

Please pick one of the FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE Diseases that you are most comfortable with and Define the condition and describe some signs and symptoms. I Think breast cancer will be the best option. Comparing medical terminology to common language! Include any diagnostic or surgical procedures that would apply. Post the link to the site of your information



Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a medical condition where a patient’s airways narrow or close during sleep and cause apneas, which are short periods when the patient stops breathing. The condition may have short term and long-term effects on a patient’s health. OSA may be associated with major medical conditions, such as hypertension and heart disease. Because of the condition’s link to these major conditions, treating OSA is critical to a patient’s health.

OSA occurs when the pharynx or back of throat collapses during sleep. The pharynx collapses because the muscles that keep it open relax during sleep. When the muscles relax, the pharynx narrows or closes, which slows or stops air flow to and from the lungs. To unblock the pharynx, the patient wakes up briefly to flex the relaxed muscles and reopen the pharynx.

Unfortunately, patients often do not realize they have the disorder. Common symptoms of OSA include snoring, daytime sleepiness, difficulties with memory and concentration, unusual moodiness or irritability, frequently waking up to urinate, waking up with headaches and dry mouth.

OSA is diagnosed through a sleep test, known as a polysomnogram or a portable sleep apnea test. There are several ways to treat OSA including use of continuous positive airway pressure and surgery. OSA surgery reduces the tissue in the back of the throat, pulls the tongue forward and inserts a nerve stimulator to open the airway so the patient can breathe during sleep.


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