Modify your version of the project to the following specifications. 1)  Randomly generate a code to break in the range of 0000 to 9999.  Use characters not integers. 2)  Include an option which test all possible guesses instead of  playing the game.  A table will be generated which is 10,000 long with a  guess starting at characters 0000 to 9999 incrementing by 1 each time. a)  The test will loop and test all possible guesses against your randomly chosen code. b)  Print the following headings Code   Guess  #right  #right in wrong spot   Sum Example:   A code was randomly chosen such as 0120 Code   Guess  #right  #right in wrong spot    Sum 0120    0000        2                  0                       2 0120    0001        1                  2                       3 0120    0002        1                  2                       3 0120    0003        1                  1                       2 etc…………. 0120   0012         1                  3                       4 etc………. 0120   0120         4                  0                       4 etc………. 0120   2100         2                  2                       4 etc…… 0120   9999         0                  0                       0 This is to make sure you are not double counting.  The max in any  column can be no greater than 4 and the sum can never be greater than  4.  Of course, just because that is true does not mean it is totally  correct.  That is why further checks are required. Answer the following and check with your modified project. 3)  How many times should 4 right come up? 4)  How many times should 3 right come up? 5)  How many times should 2 right come up? 6)  How many times should 1 right come up? 7)  How many times should 0 right come up? 8)  Answer the same for number right in the wrong spot like 3) to 7) from above. Answer the same 3) to 7) for the sum. 9)  Does your code verify this? 10)  Include an option where you can put in the code to test instead  of randomly generating the code.  Output the same table as above.  Do  the same comparison. code //System Libraries #include //Input/Output Library #include #include using namespace std; //User Libraries //Global Constants, no Global Variables are allowed //Math/Physics/Conversions/Higher Dimensions – i.e. PI, e, etc… //Function Prototypes //Execution begins here int main(int argc, char** argv) { //Set the random number seed srand(time(0)); // using srand to generate different random numbers everytime int randomint = (rand()%5)+1; // generate a random number between 1 and 5 using rand //Declare Variables char colors[4];// the 4 colors of MasterMind char ex; //Random for loop for(int i=0;i<4;i++){ randomint = (rand()%5)+1; // generate random number from 1 to 5 using rand function switch(randomint){ case 1: // if randomint is 1 assign 'R' to colors array colors[i] = 'R'; break; case 2: // if randomint is 2 assign 'B' to colors array colors[i] = 'B'; break; case 3: // if randomint is 3 assign 'Y' to colors array colors[i] = 'Y'; break; case 4: // if randomint is 4 assign 'P' to colors array colors[i] = 'P'; break; case 5: // if randomint is 5 assign 'G' to colors array colors[i] = 'G'; break; } } //Initialize or input i.e. set variable values char usercolors[4]; // user array for colors input from user // print to console output cout <<"The colors of the game is red is R, blue is B, yellow is Y,green is G,purple is P"<> usercolors[i]; cout << endl; } for(int i=0;i<4;i++){ // compare user entered colors with the random generated colors array if(usercol...

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