Marketing and Product Objectives as the main focus, under which the following information should be included:

Subheading #1: provide an analysis of the current market in which the company operates, new market opportunities, new product opportunities, and how the industry as it exists currently will support such initiatives.

Subheading #2: Target Market – Subheading #1 should help refine and define this market. A market-product grid may be useful to include to visualize.

Subheading #3: Points of Difference: What makes the product(s) unique, and why would the markets identified in Subheadings 1 and 2 would be attracted to, and attractive for the product?

Subheading #4: Positioning – identify the strategy that will be used to communicate Subheading #3 (Points of Difference). This is to be approached in relation to the competitive landscape as outlined in Section IV, Competitor Analysis.

Evaluation and Success Monitoring – how will the company monitor industry changes, and what course of action will be taken if such changes are anticipated to impact the plan?

I need references for this paper but not a title page or appendice.

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