What is the market situation for the category(Candy industry)? Provide a short review of the market situation facing the brands in your competitive “space.” You should examine industry sales at the monetary level for the most recent 3-5 years, forecasts if available, trends within subsectors of your industry and market shares of main players.

This section should address issues happening at the macro level, also known as an “environmental scan.” Topics such as; key consumer trends, a crucial political issue, a critical technological change, a shift in the nature of the competitive landscape, and/or a key environmental force affecting the segment and competition.Choose issues that generally affect the performance of all players (i.e., some brands are affected more and some less, but the issues affect the group as a whole). Remember to keep analysis at macro level, not just category trends!

For each deliverable please lead with a memo to your boss, Miranda Priestly. This one-page document should include all pertinent info: to whom, from whom, date, subject, and a brief description of what is attached, and any pertinent info your boss should be aware of regarding your progress. This should be a stand alone page, meaning do not start your actual report below this information. (search google for memo templates) Remember you want to inspire confidence in your boss that you’re on the right track and will deliver the final report on time.

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