What is a Management Brief? Management briefs are one-page writing exercises designed to give you the opportunity to reflect on a current management topic. You are asked to provide a clear report of the trends affecting management today after reading a management source or reviewing a management video. A good brief includes an introduction paragraph, two paragraphs for the body of the brief, and a conclusion paragraph. You must utilize at least 2 sources. One can be the textbook we use and one must come from our SPC Library Online Business Databases and/or credible business publications.AT LEAST 500 WORDS APA format for reference list and citations, as necessary. —— Transcript Chapter 09: Concept Clip: Performance Evaluations/Appraisals Managers assess employees’ performance to measure effectiveness of training methods, to provide them with feedback and goals to strive for, and to make pay change and promotion determinations. Performance can be assessed by objective or subjective appraisal methods. Objective methods use performance tests or measures such as output and volume to assess employees. These measures are easily quantified. Subjective appraisals are based on a manager’s feelings about an employee’s work. So, for example, a manager might say that a waiter is “Meeting expectations” rather than saying that the waiter served 150 people in a week. Some managers use a management by objectives, or MBO, evaluation method. They lay out specific milestones and expectations for employees to reach them within a specific timeframe and then they assess performance by how well employees reached those objectives. Employees participate by setting clearly defined, attainable, and measureable goals and plans to pursue them. Many companies rank employees, which can be difficult, because people excel in different areas; ranking also doesn’t always provide employees with useful feedback on how to improve. Employee ratings can be problematic, too, especially if managers take only recent performance into account. This can lead to inaccurate assessments of employee work. The object of any review should be an accurate evaluation of and feedback on employees’ performance to help them improve.

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