Topic: The Indian independence movement (with an emphasis on the creation of an independent state in 1947) Make a powerpoint presentation and explain each slide.Write about three pages for the explanation. Write the slide number when you writing the explanation.For your oral presentations, you will be offering your classmates information about an important historical context for the literary work that we are analyzing that day. Your job is to do some research and then report back on what you find in a clear and compelling manner. You can consult the web, but do your best to look at reliable websites, and make sure you also consult at least one books. Upon doing research, you will likely discover that the history you are responsible for is extremely complicated. For your presentation you should aim to determine which ideas and facts are most important and focus on them. Try to turn your subject into a compelling story organized around a few key points. Please include some images, sounds, and film clips, and please use as little text as possible in your slides. Your presentation should be five minutes long and you should provide me with a list of works cited the day of your presentation.

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