Short Paper #5

In LOS312, you will be required to complete five (5) short papers. These short papers, each focusing on a mini-case study featuring an HR-related theme, allow you to begin the process of applying the HR concepts we cover in each unit. This hands-on process will help these topics “stick” by enhancing your knowledge of how to apply these concepts in your professional life.

Short Paper #5 (SP 5) is titled The Unhealthy Employee, and is located in our textbook on pages 537 to 538.Once you have read the case study, and reflected on our LOS312 concepts and theories, please answer the following question in your case study analysis:

What are the causes of stress in Bill’s organization?

Has Diane gone too far in imposing a smoking policy, removing junk food from the vending machines, and offering free medical service and management visits?

If you were the HR manager at Diane’s newspaper business, briefly describe how you would have strategically planned and implemented a program to introduce a more healthy workplace?

Same as before 2-3 pages with minimum of 2 references APA formatting.

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