Looking Forward, Looking Back – Reflective Essay 30% (2,000 words) This is your first assessment. It includes the rubric for marking.  You are asked to interview a person in your family or culture, and consider the differences between their lives and yours.  Consider: how did this person influence your beliefs and values? What were the differences in educational opportunities, if any, for this person and you? What challenges do you think they had when they were your age? Remember, all elders are precious holders of our culture and traditions so be respectful during your interview.  You will need to get their permission to use their stories in your assignment, and make sure you de-identify them in your assignment. Here is an example of reflection models you might choose to use: https://latrobe.libguides.com/reflectivepractice/models (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. REMEMBER: use ‘I’ ‘me’, and ‘my’ in this essay as it is a reflective formative assessment. Weight : 30% Assignment due date : 12mn, Sunday, 5th August Length : 2000 words (or graphs and figures) Feedback mode : Feedback will be provided using Turnitin’s inline marking tool and general comments. Assignment Details: Criteria Course outcomes Graduate attributes 1 Identification and reflection on differences in society/culture between generations Develop an historical and cultural context for indigenous health care problems 4: Culturally and socially aware- Acknowledge and critically reflect upon personal attitudes, decisions and conduct 2 Identification and reflection on differences in society/culture between generations 3 Use of published literature to support your reflection and learning and scholarly presentation of work This tool needs to be loaded in a new browser windowThe session for this tool has expired. Please reload the page to access the tool againThe following content is partner provided

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