for this project, its about music sites. its a group project. my site given to me is ( you have to talk about when it was created, and who created it. Also, why the sites appeared, how they developed, who their audience was, why they were successful or failed, how the site led up to the next version – connection with the next site you are discussing. analyze what makes up their content, form, and agency… the sites my partners are doing is SoundCloud and Napster. the one i am to discuss is

need atleast 1000 words. sited work.

the rest of the requirements are below copied and pasted from the project guideline.

After the title: A) 100-150 word abstract and B) 5 keywords (used to identify content in academic journals

  • Introduction: (300 -500 words) that identifies the state of social media vis a vis the genre you have chosen, the sites you will be discussing, why these three sites, how they are linked or are a part of the genre’s progression
  • For each site
    • why the sites appeared
    • how they developed
    • who their audience was
    • how the site led up to the next version – connection with the next site you are discussing
  • For each site (include images of these for each site):
    • what makes up the content, form, and agency (each must be addressed)
  • Conclusion: that reiterates how the sites led from one to the next then add why successful/why failed.
  • Images: No larger than 2.5 x 4. Identify each image with figure number (Fig. 1) and caption and cite in text (i.e. See Figure 1)
  • Bibliography must show you have done substantial research. identify all sources used.
  • Citations (minimum 3 in-text citations). Use CM, MLA, or APA
  • After the bibliography identify role assigned to each team member (research, writing, ppt development)
  • Each member of the team must make a significant contribution (preferably one site). All members must work together, or at least be familiar with the introduction and the conclusion.
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