I have all the information in the file attatched that includes all the articles that are in “parenthesis” at the beginning of each article and at the end of each article is the apa citation that needs to be used for that information. These are the summaries of all of the articles. What I need is to have all the articles synthesized into a cohesive literature review for a research paper. The wording needs to be different than what it is in the summaries in this new synthesized review. It needs to make sense and flow. My hypothesis for this paper is The purpose of this research paper is to explain the correlation between homelessness and mental health issues on the Veteran population in the Los Angeles, CA area. These literature review articles are all based on mentally ill Veterans and reasons that they could end up homeless so if you could tie them into my thesis that would be great. I realize that in synthesizing the information and rewriting it that it will cut down on the number of pages, that is ok but keep it as many pages as possible please.

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