i need a literature review/bibliography on the topic what role does the U.S play in the Yemen conflict and what are the reasons ive attached my topic proposal so you can base it off it. the minimum length for the literature review is 750 words. here are the instructions review the different arguments that have been made about your topic. Yet a literature review is not merely a compilation of summaries. Rather, while you will need to do some summarizing, the focus is on your analysis of these works, how they can be categorized so that we can make sense of the existing universe of literature, and the strengths and weaknesses of these differing approaches. This is similar to what is often published in academic journals as a “review essay” (examples are posted on the course site). What you will need to include, then, is as follows: An introductory paragraph (or more) that summarizes your literature review Presentation and analysis of each of your categories A concluding statement that explains the “gap” in the literature that you seek to fill For the accompanying bibliography, you must have at least 10 sources, comprised of a mix of scholarly books and academic journal articles. You may wish to gather news articles and other sources as well, though these do not count towards the minimum of 10. Note also that it is not necessary for you to cite any of our course readings at this stage, though you may if you wish

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