A literature review is NOT a summary of the literature. It is a review of the literature. You’ll want to group similar research findings from multiple sources and identify sources of conflict and agreement among the previous researchers. You will do this by reviewing the annotated bibliography assignment. In that assignment I asked you to identify specific parts of the article. In this assignment, you will use that information to explain how the phenomenon has been explored, what the results of studies say about the phenomenon, what the studies have yet to explore or answer, and how your study contributes to the body of knowledge.

To earn credit for this assignment, review the 3 articles from your annotated bibliography and address the questions bulleted below in a cohesive manner. You may not use bullet points, each of these points must be addressed in complete sentences, in paragraph form. You must also cite when necessary. You are expected to cite every time you reference information you learned from another source, even if that means you cite at the end of every sentence. It is unacceptable to cite at the end of a paragraph. Finally, you must review every article included in your annotated bibliography.

A literature review should try to answer questions such as:

  • What has been the focus of the research efforts so far and what is the current status?
    • For example, Research into juvenile drug use suggests (insert here what you’ve found from reading the articles)
  • Have there been any controversies or debate about the research? Is there consensus? Are there any contradictions?
    • For example, several studies have explored juvenile drug use and find that drug use is related to (insert here what the studies find contributes to drug use)
  • Which areas have been identified as needing further research?
    • For example, Researchers have focused on (insert here what the focus of their studies have been). However, researchers have no explored (or answered) (begin to introduce your research topic).
  • How will your topic uniquely contribute to this body of knowledge?
    • For example, the purpose of this research is to explore (insert here what your research is about).
  • How does your particular topic fit into the larger context of what has already been done?
    • For example, this research can further help develop policy and programs to address juvenile drug use by (insert here how your research project may help)

You can use the example statements I wrote above to help you write your literature review. Just be sure to complete the statements with the necessary information to answer each question.

To earn credit for this assignment:

  • The draft must be typewritten and no more than 1 page in length.
  • Sources used in text must be identified using an appropriate citation style (APA).
  • Include a reference page
  • In addition to the above requirements, your paper must conform to the following manuscript requirements:
    • Double spaced
    • One inch margins all around
    • 12 point font
    • Free of obvious spelling and grammatical errors
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